How to Get Organized Before You Start Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Tablet

Is wedding planning fun? Absolutely! However, it can also feel daunting once you really dive into it and realize there’s A LOT to coordinate and remember. Getting organized before dipping your toes in the wonderful world of all things weddings will help alleviate some of the stress that comes with such a hefty task. Read on for helpful tips on setting yourself up for wedding planning success.

Keep it Together
Gather all your vendor information in one place – like a wedding planning binder. This will make it easier to find and reference documents from your vendors throughout your planning journey. Some wedding-focused companies make planning binders that come loaded with questions to ask vendors, wedding FAQs, and more. Those are a great place to start, even if it’s just peeking at them for inspiration to build your own binder!

Separate Your Inboxes
Create a wedding email address that both you and your partner have access to. This will help keep all communication with your vendors in one place AND declutter your personal inboxes.

Calendars are Key
There’s A LOT to keep straight, especially when it comes to deadlines and scheduled events. Keep a calendar for important dates, like payment due dates, vendor meetings, and even your pre-wedding parties, that you and your partner both have access to. There are great shared calendar apps, like Google or TimeTree, that are perfect for this!

Know Where You’ve Been
Keep a list of vendors you’ve reached out to. It’s easy to accidentally contact a vendor more than once when you’re inquiring with several at a time. Keeping a list from the start will help narrow your preferences and save you time moving forward.

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