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Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

stephanie | Co-founder & venue manager

Stephanie is the resident curator of design & events for Mercantile Hall and The Urb Garden. She has over a decade of experience producing weddings and brings a tremendous sense of calm & effectiveness to assisting couples with their events. She was the one who whispered "what if" into Wendy's ear a few years back, which led to "let's do it." The rest is history (aka, the birth of Mercantile Hall).
Stephanie was born & raised in Burlington and is now raising her two adorable sons here, too.

Faves: authentic ramen, a warm cup of tea, & historic dramas (sucker for love stories).

Racheal | Senior Event Manager

When we all met Racheal we knew she is a perfect fit for our team. She is a West Allis girl who after graduation from UW-Stout spent time in Australia, adding to her list of over 20 countries she’s had the pleasure of visiting. As an event manager she is experienced, calm and has great sense of style to ensure your dream day comes together wonderfully. Racheal and her fiancé live with their two cats and are enjoying their new home!

Faves: working out, traveling, shopping at TJ MAXX or Home Goods.

Nicole | Event Manager

Nicole has been part of the BEDO Family for years. She was a bridal consultant at Bon Bon Belle. She loved weddings so much that she is now an event manager! Nicole's energy and smile are contagious. She always brightens up any room. As an event manager she is energetic, experienced and knows how to help with every detail. Nicole is a mom of 3 beautiful kids so she is used to multitasking!

Faves: summer sunshine, spending time with her kids, and making others smile!

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Dee | Evening Event Coordinator

Dee is ever the worker bee, comfortable with working long hours, hustling as she goes. In her free time, she’s an avid foodie always looking to create incredible dishes to feed the masses. During events, Dee has you covered, ensuring details are tended to and your family and friends are well taken care of.

Faves: cooking (she’s got mad skills in the kitchen), hanging out with friends, and driving around in her Jeep!

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Amanda | Evening Event Coordinator

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Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Kristin | Evening Event Coordinator

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Andrew | Lead Event Assistant

Andrew was born and raised in Burlington, so if you’re a local, be sure to say hi! You'll see him early in the morning and around ceremony time - he's a pro at prepping and setting up our event spaces, making sure they're ready to go for your big day!

Faves: make-up artistry (his talents are quite exceptional!), musical theater, talking & hanging out with close friends and family.

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Calyn | Director of Marketing

When she walked into our lives and into the interview room, each of us found ourselves smiling from ear to ear and on the edge of our seats with excitement (not that's a tell tale sign that we know we've got someone in front of us that we want to work with for a very long time). What made us so excited was her overall marketing boss babeness, and her beautiful strategic brain as she went on to articulate all the various ways she wants to strengthen our brands. She is amazing and we are so lucky to have this crazy awesome lady on our team!

Faves: snuggling with her daughter, all things Disney, & laughing at stand up comedy!

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Kristina | Marketing Manager

Kristina is our resident superhero. She has the challenge of managing our marketing efforts. Her skills as a photographer and her amazing creativity will shine through all aspects of Mercantile Hall's marketing! She is a team player through and through - you can always believe her when she says "it's fine, I got it." In her down time, Kristina enjoys being out on the lake and traveling with her husband.

Faves: photography, music (she worked at a radio station), and traveling!

Tabitha | finance & hr generalist

Tabitha works in the financial offices for BEDO Brands. Her organizational skills are perfectly suited to her fast paced role and despite her lengthy to do lists, her smile brightens every room she walks into. She is a mom of two beautiful children, so she’s a busy woman. Tabitha and her husband spend time with their kids on the water in the summer and are very involved supporting their community.

Faves: all things around the lake, spending quality time with her kiddos and working with local organizations to help other moms!

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Andrew | The Numbers guy & co-owner

Not only does he handle all financial activities, he also oversees operations & strategy for both Mercantile Hall, Bon Bon Belle, and BEDO FOR ALL. He brings decades of business experience to the table and is always scanning the landscape for new growth opportunities.

Faves: the Packers, his three kids, three basset hounds, and wife, of course!

Mercantile Hall | Employee Headshot | Burlington, WI

Wendy | Service & Experience Champion / Co-Owner

Wendy has an obsession with service & guest experience design, and subsequently poured her heart and soul into developing both for Mercantile Hall. Her driven personality & creative ideas are what bring life to BEDO Brands suite of companies that includes Mercantile Hall, Bon Bon Belle and BEDO For All.

Faves: dancing - anywhere, anytime (she doesn't even need music!), & being on the water (insert Lyle Lovett's "If I Had a Boat" lyrics here. . .).

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