Love in the Fast Lane: The Perks of a Short Engagement

Couple poses in The Urb Garden at night.

So, you said, “YES!” to spending a lifetime of happiness together! Now, the world of wedding planning stretches before you. But wait! Does tradition dictate a year or more of engagement bliss? Not necessarily! A short engagement might be the perfect choice for you and your partner. Here’s why:

Catch the Wave of Excitement
Sometimes, love just can’t wait! A short engagement lets you ride the wave of excitement, keeping the focus on your love and commitment and leaving no room for worry to work its way in. The best part? Mercantile Hall can help you with all the other details – ask us about our in-house DJ and coordination services, rentals, recommended vendors, and our partnership with Bon Bon Belle Bridal!

Embrace Simplicity
Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind. With a shorter timeline, stop stressing about the little things and focus on the essentials. Create a more intimate and heartfelt ceremony, go big on your dinner menu and dessert table, and give your guests an unforgettable night of celebration with great entertainment. You’ll make more memories on a dance floor full of your besties rather than pining over your custom drink coasters.

Cost-Conscious Commitment
Let’s be honest, weddings can add up. However, a shorter engagement often translates to a more budget-friendly celebration. Wait…what? You read that right. Venue rental rates may be discounted (sometimes by up to 50% off!) if you’re planning less than a year out, and you may find deals from other vendors, too! That also means you could choose to splurge on something else, like your wedding day attire.

Mercantile Hall’s dedicated team understands that every love story unfolds differently. We offer a variety of in-house services to accommodate short engagements and help you stress less while planning the best day ever. Ready to say, “I Do!” sooner rather than later?  Contact Mercantile Hall today and let our experienced team help you plan a beautiful wedding within your timeframe. Because sometimes, the greatest love stories deserve a speedy happily ever after!

Photo by Caroline Cavalcante Photography

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