An Interview With The Wedding Report

Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI

Earlier in June, the Mercantile Hall Team of Calyn, Stephanie, Wendy, and Andrew were interviewed on The Wedding Report, which is essentially a site dedicated to wedding statistics and unbiased data to help couples decide how much they will likely spend on their wedding. On their most recent Podcast episode, which is featured on their YouTube channel, CEO Shane McMurray asks the team a number of questions about the venue itself, the booking process for couples, and more.

15 Tips to Navigate Your Nuptials Post Quarantine

Mercantile Hall | Bride & Groom | Burlington, WI

Couples all over the world are now navigating a new way to have their friends and families celebrate their weddings. Like you, other couples are making unprecedented decisions about how to host a wedding that is filled with celebration and happiness while keeping their guests feeling safe. Phew, that is a lot to take on, but know You Are Not Alone. Couples everywhere are dealing with the same scenario and it is proving to be challenging for everyone. However, on the bright side, wedding guests have never been more forgiving! Need to change your date? That’s fine. Need to limit your guest count? That’s fine. Need to have everyone wear masks that match your wedding colors? That might be too much, but it’s fine to ask. The point is that your guests are people that love and support you and your future spouse. It is okay to ask for what you need from your guests, your wedding party, your vendors, and your venue.

Mercantile Hall has put together 15 tips to help you navigate your nuptials post quarantine.