Mercantile Hall's Procedures Regarding Covid 19

guest safety & health

  • If you feel sick or have a temperature, please celebrate at home to keep everyone safe. We care about everyone’s health that is in our space.
  • Please wash hands throughout the event. Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be located throughout the venue.
  • Please throw away any unwanted beverages and bottles in the trash provided. Do not leave a beverage on the bar as it will be thrown away by the bartender.
  • Maintain a safe distance at areas where guests usually congregate. (i.e. the bar, bathrooms, food areas, table settings & place cards, dance floors, etc.)

cleaning procedures

  • Professional cleaning before and after every event.
  • All surfaces, handles, public areas, dressing suites, tables, chairs, and bar areas are sanitized and cleaned.
  • If needed, additional cleaning may happen during the event to ensure safety and health of our guests.

food & beverage procedures

  • All catering staff, bartenders, and servers will be wearing gloves throughout the evening.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized prior and after food or beverages are served.
  • We continue to offer individual servings in disposable cups for beverages & beer is served in bottles.
  • Water or beverage dispensers will not be used until further notice. Water is available at the bar.


Couples around the world are facing how to navigate their weddings after the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to make unprecedented decisions. At Mercantile Hall we work with couples who have had to reschedule, postpone and adjust their weddings. We put together some items for all couples to use as a guide while navigating a new way to get married.

Use Our Messaging Templates

We have put together messaging templates for your guests to communicate with your wedding guests. Use the template for your wedding websites, invitations, and emails to your guests about your upcoming wedding that you are having post-COVID-19 Quarantine.


Couples are making unprecedented decisions about how to host a wedding that is filled with celebration and happiness while keeping their guests feelings safe. We put together 15 tips to help you navigate your nuptials post-quarantine.