There is a Time To Plan

How to Use This Time to Plan Your Wedding

We are all aware that these are unprecedented times. We can’t just Google “How to plan a wedding during Coronavirus” and have the answer displayed in a few easy steps. However, we can use this time to look at the elements of a wedding and say; I get to take time to incorporate new ideas I may have not had time to do. I get to take a deep breath and focus on the fact that I am still getting married. I get extra time to find ways to overcome any of the obstacles. Here are a few ways we hope to inspire you to take this time to plan your wedding and look forward to your big day!

    There is A Time to Plan

Now that we have a time where we are social distancing, at least physically, it gives you the extra time to plant new ideas into your wedding. Our Merc team is spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at new ideas for our brides to incorporate into their wedding. Maybe you didn’t have time to create the little moments or experiences for your guests that you wanted, now you have time to complete those. Plant new ideas, expand or explore creative ways to ensure your wedding is exactly how you imagined it. Looking for some ideas? – Check out Merc’s Pinterest Boards For More Ideas.

    There is A Time to Speak

At Merc. we have been talking with our brides a lot during this time and are aware that your guests, vendors, hotels and family members, etc. all have questions and expect you to have the answers. This is a time to explain to your guests that you have decided to postpone, not cancel your celebration. Send your guests communications and updates as you have them. Work with your venue to solidify a new date, send out a message “We Can’t Wait To Celebrate on Our New Date.” Then as you receive more information that they need, provide that as well. Using tools like a wedding website will help streamline communication. Our Merc Couples: email your Event Manager to receive the message templates we have for you.

 There is A Time to Laugh & Dance

Staying positive and finding a way to say “I get to” instead of “I have to” can help your brain shift the narrative of what you’re facing. Use this time on projects or self-care that always end up at the bottom of our list. Here are our favs:

  1. Binge-watch Netflix and Say Yes To Dress (we are too),

  2. Write out your thank you notes.

  3. Hang up your engagement photos you had printed but are still in your guest bedroom on the floor. (no judgment)

  4. Create a To-Do List – Tackle at least 1 thing a day

  5. Struggle to decide which pair of black leggings you haven’t worn yet.

  6. Write your Vows – (unless you thrive under pressure; then wait 😉

  7. Enjoy this time with your future partner.

  8. Take a relaxing bath and use those $1 face masks you bought on a random target run.

  9. Take.Deep.Breaths. Journal your feelings, and practice self-care.

  10. When in doubt FaceTime and Wine with your BFF. (she’s feeling it too)

We understand how your feeling, and you are not alone. All of us at Mercantile Hall feel the same feels right along with you and have your back. Call your Event Manager with questions or ask for suggestions as obstacles arise.

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