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OMG Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What??

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Hey Merc Hall fam! In a recent post, I talked about being in the swing of engagement season, so chances are you’ve recently got engaged or you know a friend or family member that has. It’s such an exciting time for you as a couple and for all of your loved ones. As you celebrate your engagement and get ready to start planning your wedding, here’s a few tips on what to do next.

STOP AND ENJOY- No, really, I mean it. Take the time to sit in this moment with your fiancé and truly appreciate how amazing it is that you have come this far in your relationship and what a beautiful new chapter you are building towards. More than planning a wedding, you are planning for your marriage and all that comes along with it. Be excited with each other and spend some time sharing in the excitement of your friends and family- don’t let the moment pass you by too quickly.

ENVISION YOUR DAY- Start dreaming with each other! Talk about what you each picture when you think of your wedding day- where are you? How many people are with you? What time of year is it? Are there any special traditions that you know for sure you need to have as part of your day? Getting on the same page as a couple is SO important. You will likely be fielding expectations and opinions from the people in your life, but you and your fiancé are the most important people involved in the day. Acting as a team and sharing a vision for your day will help keep your planning focused on what is important to the two of you.

DISCUSS EXPECTATATIONS WITH IMPORTANT GUESTS- Once you’ve set a vision for your day as a couple, sharing that with your closest family and friends can help them understand what you have in mind. There may be a chance that your plans and their expectations for the day aren’t exactly in alignment. Helping them understand your views early can go a long way in keeping the rest of your planning as smooth as possible.

RESEARCH VENUES- Now you may think I am biased here, since I work for a venue and all, but this is most often where couples start their research. Your venue determines your date, which impacts the availability of other vendors and the season may impact how you want to plan your color scheme or attire. The venue also sets the backdrop for your day which impacts the style you may go for in your decorations and other aesthetic parts of your day. Venues book 12-18 months or more out from your wedding date, so you will have more date options the earlier you book a venue.

Being engaged is such an exciting time in your life! Hopefully these tips will help you start off on the right foot as you enter this beautiful new phase of your relationship. Here at Merc, we are so excited for all of our newly engaged couples and we are SO EXCITED to celebrate each and every one of you!

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Mercantile Hall | Wedding Venue | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI