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How Early Should You Book A Venue?

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Hey, Merc Hall fam! Happy Monday!

I really love the chance to talk with our community on here and share some of the tips we’ve learned over the years helping couples plan their weddings. As I sat down to write this week, I thought I’d touch on a topic that is at the forefront of our minds right now and that is- how early should you be booking your wedding venue?

In general, booking your venue is the first thing a couple should do when they start planning. Setting a date with a venue not only allows you to reach out to other vendors (photographers, DJs, etc.) to ask about their availability, but the space itself has a huge impact on the overall vision for what the wedding day will look like. It’s hard to start planning décor or what a couple would like to wear on wedding day without knowing where the event will take place.

Venues will book 12-18 months out from your wedding date. For example, right now, we have tons of couples reaching out to us about weddings in fall 2020 and we have only a few non-Saturday dates left. If you want to have the pick of your dates, shop at least 12 months in advance, and more if you can.

Fall dates are the most popular. This tends to surprise some people, but October is actually our most popular wedding month, followed by September. Though “wedding season” has traditionally been in the spring/summer, today’s couple is looking for the weather of the fall season and dates in October and September book FAST. If you are thinking of a fall wedding, venue shop as early as you can to save your date before they are gone.

Friday and Sunday weddings are trending right now. If you are still looking for a venue and are less than 12 months out, being open to a Friday date (or even a Sunday date) will give you the best possible chance to get married in your favorite season. I often advise couples that are thinking of a Friday date to consider sending a save the date so that their guests have about 6 months to plan to be with them on their wedding day. Friday dates are often less expensive and give you and your guests an extra day to recover before getting back to work on Monday. Fridays are truly the new Saturdays, ESPECIALLY when you are looking to get married within a year.

Have a great week ahead,


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Mercantile Hall | Wedding Venue | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI