Mercantile Hall | Bride & Groom | Burlington, WI

The Burlington Effect: Love Around Every Corner

Photograph by: Dhani Lane Photography

There’s no doubt that there is something magical about historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin. Something that is felt by locals and travelers alike. With unique architecture, beautiful vines and flowers, and a place where authentic connections and relationships are not only made, but truly blossom!

Lyndsey & Joe tied the knot at Mercantile Hall on Saturday, August 10th during the popular Tall Tales Music Festival. The streets were shut down and full of fun and friendly faces, vendors and musicians when the couple ventured out to capture a picture and moment that would forever be unforgettable. As the newlywed couple walked the block, musicians Roscoe and Etta, began to smile and stopped in their tracks at what a beautiful sight it was. The band halted their music and in awe, exclaimed that this had never happened to them before. The crowd’s excitement started to build and they slowly started making a standing ovation for the newlyweds, cheering for love! The band drifted from their rehearsed set and started playing a love song dedicated to the couple and their new life together.

Such a moving moment took place in those few minutes of walking down the street- but a memorable one for Lyndsey & Joe and all of the people that witnessed it as well. It is so amazing to be apart of something so extraordinary and we are so lucky and grateful to live in place where love grows around every corner.


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Mercantile Hall | Wedding Venue | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI
Mercantile Hall | Picture Graphic | Burlington, WI